Axel Paris - Research Scientist

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Bio: I am a Research Scientist at Adobe Research located in Paris. Before that, I defended my PhD in Computer Graphics from the Université de Lyon in 2023. My research focuses on environment modeling, physical simulations, and implicit surfaces. See my publications for more information.

Internships: I am regularly looking for new interns to join me at Adobe Research for a 6 months internship. Applications can come from Master students or PhD candidates. If you're interested, you can send me an email with your resume, and (optionally) the subject you'd like to work on.


01/05/2024  Multiscale Erosion for Terrains at Siggraph 2024

17/03/2024  Adding Details to Implicit Surfaces

21/09/2023  Meandering river simulation paper at Siggraph Asia

25/07/2023  Large-scale erosion simulation at Siggraph

20/04/2023  PhD defense - modeling and simulating virtual terrains

26/10/2021  Karst Synthesis paper at Pacific Graphics

25/03/2021  Tweet Tuesday 01: Mars, Fractals, Meandering rivers, Programming

27/11/2020  CGI Best Paper Award

09/07/2020  Segment Tracing & Implicit Blocks papers

14/02/2020  Terrain Erosion on the GPU #2: Correct Thermal Erosion

26/01/2020  Public domain Marching cube in C++

30/09/2019  Desertscape Simulation, Implicit Terrains and Orometry papers

15/04/2018  Terrain Erosion on the GPU #1: Fast Thermal Erosion

10/03/2018  Equilibrium Video Game

10/03/2018  Atmosphere Modeling by Sketching

08/03/2018  Accessibility in Video Games

24/06/2017  Procedural Material Placement and PBR