Axel Paris - PhD Student in Computer Graphics

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Segment Tracing using Local Lipschitz Bounds

March 18, 2020. Last updated on May 5, 2020.

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We introduce Segment Tracing, a new algorithm that accelerates the classical Sphere Tracing method for computing the inter- section between a ray and an implicit surface. Our approach consists in computing the Lipschitz bound locally over a segment to improve the marching step computation and accelerate the overall process. We describe the computation of the Lipschitz bound for different operators and primitives. We demonstrate that our algorithm significantly reduces the number of field func- tion queries compared to previous methods, without the need for additional accelerating data-structures. Our method can be applied to a vast variety of implicit models ranging from hierarchical procedural objects built from complex primitives, to simulation-generated implicit surfaces created from many particles.

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